Unblock sink

To unblock your sink - First check whether any of the waste pipes in the property are blocked i.e. the toilet, the sink or bath.  Also check whether or not the outside gully is blocked, if this is the case then contact us.

Once you have made these checks you can unblock your sink.

  • Firstly, make sure there’s some water in the sink (bale out any excess) and then try using a plunger. 
  • Cover the overflow hole with a cloth and place the plunger over the drain hole. 
  • Pump the plunger up and down rapidly. Plungers can be obtained from most DIY shops. 
  • After clearing the blockage, it is advisable to clean out the trap.
  • If the plunger failed to clear the blockage, you may need to take apart the U bend underneath the sink.  You will need to wear gloves before doing this if you have put chemicals down like caustic soda or bleach.
  • Put a bucket under the sink to catch the water that will come out when you take the U bend apart. 
  • Unscrew the joints
  • Tip the excess water out and clean out whatever’s blocked the U bend.
  • To reattach the U bend, make sure the rubber seals are still on the U bend, because without these the waste will leak.  If one is damaged or missing you can buy another from your local hardware store.
  • Put it back in position and retighten the nut’s in a clockwise fashion - they usually only need to be hand tight.  Run some water from the tap to see if the blockage has been cleared and there are no leaks from the U bend. 
  • If the blockage hasn’t been cleared, or the U bend leaks, you will need to give us a call. 

Please be aware that if we attend to your blockage and the blockage is due to inappropriate usage*, you may be liable for a recharge.

*Most commonly this is due to food stuffs, fat or other items incorrectly disposed of down the sink.

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