Compensation for home improvements

The right to compensation for improvements

To qualify for compensation for improvements you must make a claim in writing, detailing the improvement and its original cost (providing invoices) and demonstrate that:

  • the work was done after 1st April 1994
  • you held the secure tenancy of the property at the time the work was undertaken
  • you obtained the Council's written consent prior to carrying out the improvement and the work currently meets any conditions imposed on that consent
  • you submit your claim within the 28 day period before the end of your tenancy or 14 days after the termination of your tenancy
  • your tenancy did not end as a result of an eviction or Right to Buy application
  • you have invoices for work done which includes the costs of labour and materials
  • that your claim is for less than £3,000 per improvement and more than £50
  • the work is listed as a 'Qualifying improvement' and there is a formula for the calculation of compensation.  For further information check our Compensation Policy and Procedure

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