How to treat mould

It is your responsibility to treat mould in your home that is the result of condensation.

Use a fungicidal wash to clean affected walls, ceilings and paintwork. These are sold in supermarkets and DIY stores. Make sure you buy one with a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approval number and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Empty cupboards and wardrobes that have been affected by mould and thoroughly clean all the contents

Dry clean mildewed clothes and shampoo carpets.

Once you have successfully eliminated the mould, redecorate using fungicidal paint and fungicidal wallpaper paste, however if you don’t manage your condensation then mould is likely to return.

The only lasting way to avoid mould is to reduce the condensation in your home.

When damp and mould is our responsibility

The majority of damp and mould is a result of too much condensation in your home, which only you can manage. However it could be the result of other issues, for example a leaking pipe or roof, or missing tiles or gutters. If this is the case, or you suspect it, then please contact us.


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