Check your repairs rights and responsibilities

Details of what we and you are responsible for.

Repair area




Baths   Except unblocking wastes (potential recharge)
Chains and plugs   On basins, baths and sinks
Communal areas    
Condensation and damp   Advice on how to manage condensation 
Decoration (external)    
Decoration (internal)   Except when damage is caused by a structural defect. You must get prior permission from your NMO if you wish to lay laminate flooring.
Domestic appliances   Such as cookers, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers

Internal and external including frames, hinges, door jambs 
and thresholds, letterboxes and handles.  We don't deal with locks to internal doors.

You will be recharged if your keys to the main entrance doors are lost or you require a lock change because you have given someone your keys.  You can take out insurance to cover this.

Drains   Unless it is a shared drain in which case you must contact Severn Trent on 0800 783 4444
Drains   Unless blocked by leaves, sanitary products, wipes or fats (potential recharge)
External timbers elements    
Floor covering   Including adapting doors to accommodate carpets
Front door lock   Except communal locks
Fences and gates   Except if it backs onto public footpath or highway
Fire grates and surrounds    If you have an open fire you are responsible for getting in swept by a certified chimney sweep and sending the certificate to your Neighbourhood Management Officer
Fixtures and fittings   Such as coat hooks, curtains, curtain rails
Gardening maintenance   Including dustbins and refuse areas
Glazing   Except following criminal damage and you must get a crime number
from the police
Hand basins   Except unblocking wastes (potential recharge)
Heating   Any type of heating
Hot water heaters   Including cylinder jackets
Immersion heaters    
Internal door locks    
Kitchens   Except domestic appliances
Lights   Except dimmer switched and florescent light bulbs
Loss of keys   Including repairs to forced entry if you get locked out
Mould   Advice on treating mould
Out buildings   Brick or concrete.  In the case of outbuildings such as WCs, we will not carry out a repair - we will remove it.
Paths   Including steps, footpaths and ramps
Pests   e.g. By ants, wasps, bees, cockroaches, mice, rats or bedbugs. See Pest control
Plumbing repairs and leaks    Except for washing machines and dishwashers
Re-lighting pilot lights    Including the resetting of any heating controls or programmers
Re-washer taps    
Sink units   Except unblocking wastes (potential recharge)
Skirting boards    
Switches and sockets   Except dimmer switches
Telephone points    
TV aerials and sockets   Unless communal
Washing lines   Unless communal area
WC seats    
Windows   Including window sills, catches, sash cords and frames
Wooden Sheds    

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