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Tenant survey privacy statement


This privacy statement explains how we use any personal information about you

What is the basis for us to process your data?

We will only process your information with your consent.  If you can choose not to participate in this survey this will not affect our services to you.  By completing and returning the questionnaire you are giving your consent for us to process and analyse your views.

What information are we collecting?

The purpose of this survey is to seek your views on the services we provide to you and your household.  It is anonymous unless you specifically request information about advice/support and tenant involvement activity.

The categories of personal information we collect are: 1) opinions of the household; 2) names of those who, with their consent, indicate they want more information about advice/support and tenant involvement opportunities.

Why we are collecting information

Your views help us to understand how we can provide future services where tenants’ satisfaction levels indicate that improvements are needed.

How will we use the information we hold about you?

On Stroud District Council’s behalf, ARP Research will analyse the information you provide to help us assess your satisfaction with SDC as a landlord.  Your opinions will help us to make improvements and inform us of the best ways to deliver them. Your information will also be entered into a prize draw, if you give consent by opting in.

All of the information you provide to ARP Research and Stroud District Council will be treated as confidential and will only be used for research purposes or provision of information where consent is given. Comments will not be linked to individuals, instead they will be combined with those gathered from other survey participants, and analysed as part of a group. We do not use any of the information you provide for direct marketing or other non-research activities.

Who we will share your information with

The information you provide will be processed initially by ARP Research who are conducting the survey on behalf of Stroud District Council.  The survey responses will be anonymised before being sent to Stroud District Council. For details on how ARP Research will handle your data, please refer to their Privacy Notice

How long do we keep your records?

All information will be held securely and ARP will securely destroy it within one month of the results of the survey being received by Stroud District Council and the prize draw taking place.  Where tenants have requested further information ARP will keep their information for three months. 

For further information:
For further information regarding your rights under Data Protection law, please see sections 1 -10 of the Council’s General Privacy Notice on SDC’s website

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