FAQs - STAR Survey 2019

Frequently Asked Questions about the satisfaction of tenants and residents (STAR) survey

Q. What is the survey?

A. Stroud District Council are conducting a STAR survey of tenants. Most landlords across the country conduct similar surveys every few years.

A sample of 1,500 general needs tenants and all sheltered will receive a paper survey in the third week of February 2019. Residents who do not receive a postal survey but would like to take part can fill-in our online questionnaire.

Q. Why are you doing this survey?

A. We want to know how you feel about the services we provide and will use the results to plan service improvements. We do the survey every few years, and ask similar questions so we can also track whether we are improving and take action if we are not.

Q. How do I enter the prize draw?

A. Ensure the consent box is ticked towards the end of the survey (postal and online).  Return the postal questionnaire in the freepost envelope or complete the survey online, and your unique code will be automatically entered into the draw to win £100 in shopping vouchers.

Q. I don’t want to take part
A. There is no obligation to take part in the survey.  This will not affect Stroud District Council’s services to you.

Q. Can I have a replacement questionnaire?

A. Yes. Send your name and address details to support@arp-research.co.uk
Alternatively, the survey can be completed online 

Q. Can I have a replacement freepost envelope?

A. The questionnaire can be sent back in any envelope to the following address:
ARP Research
PO Box 5928
S35 5DN

If you would still like a replacement envelope send your  name and address details by email support@arp-research.co.uk.  Alternatively, phone ARP Research on 0800 020 9564.

Q. I am having trouble accessing the online survey.

A.Technical support is available by e-mail to support@arpsurveys.co.uk or by telephone on 0800 020 9564.

The online survey is also available at the following address: www.arpsurveys.co.uk/stroud.  You will have to type in your unique code found on the paper questionnaire and covering letter, or register with their house number and postcode.

Q. My neighbour has been sent a survey, why haven’t I received one?

A. The survey has been sent out by post to a representative sample of general needs. The sample has been randomly selected by ARP and is big enough to make sure we get statistically reliable results. An invitation has also been sent to every tenant with an email address.
This is a recommended way of doing a survey like this and enables us to keep costs down. If you have not been sent a survey in the post you can still take part by going online and completing the survey at www.arpsurveys.co.uk/stroud

Q. Why have you given my contact details to a different company?

A. To make sure that our survey is independent, we have asked ARP Research to carry it out for us. ARP specialise in running surveys like this for housing providers across the country. This is the same as when we employ contractors to carry out repair work on our behalf.

ARP are not allowed to use your contact details for any reason other than running this survey and conform to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.  Click here to view their privacy notice.

Q. How is the survey confidential if you know who I am?

A. ARP Research uses your unique code to remove your address from any further mailings if you have already sent back your questionnaire, and to run the prize draw. Any link between your identity and the answers that you give is removed as soon as possible by ARP, and the Council will never see who you are unless you give your explicit consent.

Q. This is a waste of time, as you didn’t do anything after the last survey.

A. The Council used the results from the last survey to make service improvements. Some examples include:

Anti-social behaviour
We reviewed anti-social behaviour reporting procedures and improved the way we handle reports of incidents.  In addition, we now:
• use an independent mediation service to help resolve disputes
• make it easier for people to report anti-social behaviour when our offices are closed

Sheltered living
We’ve re-modernised Sherborne House and now progressing projects to make sheltered accommodation fit for purpose. 

Repairs & Maintenance
We’ve taken on two new contractors (covering the south and the north of the district), with the aim of improving repairs and maintenance services.

Tenancies & Neighbourhoods
We’ve invested in expanding our Neighbourhood Management team to ensure tenants receive a more holistic service from us

Welfare Reforms
We continue to prioritise those of you most likely to be affected by Universal Credit; working with partner agencies to increase your access to financial advice and services.

Tenant Involvement
We continue to work with volunteer tenants to modernise our Tenant Involvement strategy with the aim of making it easier for tenants using modern media channels such as Skype, What’sapp, Facebook etc.  We also aim to make our events more interactive and interesting for tenants.

Q. How much money have you spent on this survey/why are you wasting money etc.?

A. It is very important that we spend money wisely by providing you with the right services in the right way. This survey helps us to find this out. We get a research company to carry it out to make sure the survey is independent and reliable.

Q. I want to know specific details about how the survey has been designed or is being run or want to speak to ARP Research directly.

A. Please telephone ARP Research on Freephone 0800 020 9564, or email support@arp-research.co.uk



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