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Sandra Longstreth is currently 'Your Voice' as a tenant representative at the council housing committee. Normally there are two Tenants' Voice tenant representatives. We are currently accepting applications for the second vacancy (see below).

Apply for Tenants' Voice role

To find out more about this voluntary role and how to apply please click here

Contact your council tenant representative

Sandra wants to hear your views* about how the council is performing as your landlord. 


Please contact Sandra using the following mobile number and leave your comments.  Don't forget to let her know if you are a sheltered or general needs' tenant. 

Sandra - 07970952214  

Alternatively, you can use the e- form below or write to them via Tenant Services, Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill, Stroud GL5 4UB.  Do mark your envelope 'private & confidential'.

As your representative, Sandra will take your comments to housing committee meetings and use them to debate with, and influence councillors when making decisions that affect our services to you.

Read the papers that committee members receive and will discuss at the next meeting.

What does the housing committee do?

There are 12 councillors on the housing committee who monitor the work done by tenant services, ensure tenants’ money is being well spent, and that services are of a good standard.

They also decide on multi-million pound projects such as the building of new council homes, and the modernisation of the council’s sheltered accommodation.

Your tenant representative, Sandra Longstreth attends the housing committee.  She brings your (tenants’) views directly to the discussions.

Stroud District Council is one of the few councils in the country where tenants are involved in helping to shape the future of social housing at such a high level.

 Deadline for comments: Noon on the Thursday prior to the Housing Committee meeting date. 

Comments for the housing committee 

Please continue to report issues to us, however it may take us longer than usual to respond to your request.

Personal data is processed in accordance with the Council’s Privacy Notice. Please see Sections 1 to 10 and section 11 for details.


 *Please be aware that Leticia and Sandra's role does not involve the take up of tenants' complaints.  Any complaints should be raised through the council's complaints procedure.



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