Tenants' Voice



There are two Tenants' Voice representatives; they are currently Leticia Gardiner and Sandra Longstreth (pictured above).

Leticia and Sandra were co-opted to the council's housing committee as the Tenants' Voice following a recruitment drive in which involved tenants fully participated.

As part of their role, Leticia and Sandra take part in tenant events and join Tenant Neighbourhood Ambassador meetings so that they can keep in touch with what tenants think and say about Stroud District Council’s housing services. They also listen to the messages about housing services that individual tenants can leave on their mobile phones, 07970952205 (Leticia) / 07970952214 (Sandra). If preferred, tenants can write to them via email sandralongstreth03@btinternet.com. Alternative communication channels, such as an e-form or confidential postal address are also available.

As the Tenants' Voice, Leticia and Sandra will take tenants’ comments to housing committee meetings and use them to debate with, and influence councillors when making decisions that affect our services to you.  For more details visit ‘Have your say on Housing matters

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