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Tenants' Voice


Mike Richter and Becky Adams are currently the Tenants' Voice, representing 7,000 Stroud District Council tenants at Housing Committee meetings.

Following a recruitment drive in which involved tenants fully participated, representatives Mike and Becky were co-opted to the council's housing committee in October 2021.

As the Tenants’ Voice Becky and Mike can help to make a difference to our landlord services by debating current and new strategic plans with councillors. This in turn helps to determine councillors’ decisions on ways to improve repairs and other housing services.

As part of their role, Mike and Becky take part in tenant events and gather tenants' comments about Housing Services so that they can share tenants’ experiences and views during discussions about a variety of housing issues.

They also ‘pick up’ individual tenants’ comments and messages about housing services left on the Tenants’ Voice mobile phone 07970952214. Alternatively, tenants can write to Mike and Becky via email

At present, the Tenants’ Voice representatives are also involved in two housing committee task & finish scrutiny groups. Becky has joined the group concentrating on the repairs service, while Mike has become part of the group focusing on retrofit and energy efficiency.

Please be aware that Mike and Becky’s role does not involve the take up of individual tenant’s complaints. Complaints can be raised through the council’s complaints procedures


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