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Neighbourhood Ambassadors

Neighbourhood Ambassadors are volunteer tenants who act as a link between the council and their neighbours. Their role involves being the eyes and ears of their community so that any concerns can be brought to our attention for us to resolve. Concerns often include problems with refuse, grass cutting and communal cleaning for instance. Just as importantly, Neighbourhood Ambassadors highlights their community achievements and celebrations.

Neighbourhood Ambassadors support their neighbours by using their knowledge of council services to ‘signpost’ them to the most appropriate officer or service for advice. They meet with the Tenants’ Voice representatives to discuss proposed changes to housing strategies prior to Housing Committee debate. As a result of listening to the Neighbourhood Ambassadors’ views and comments, the Tenants’ Voice representatives can speak up on behalf of tenants’ at the Housing Committee.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic Neighbourhood Ambassadors could also take part in estate walkabouts with their local Neighbourhood Management Officer as well as promote their activities at tenant events but such activities are ‘on hold’ for the moment.

Normally, tenant volunteer training is given in the form of shadowing (teams such as the Repairs Call Centre), short workshops on a range of tenancy management topics along with news updates at volunteer tenant meetings. For the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic however, volunteer tenant training and meetings will be via online platforms.

What do the Neighbourhood Ambassadors get out of it?

They get to:

  • meet new people, both officers and tenants with similar interests and aspirations
  • learn about the different areas of Tenant Services and social housing in general
  • join with other volunteer tenants and influencing housing strategy via Tenants’ Voice representatives
  • take part in more ‘fun’ tenant events
  • make a positive difference in your community

If you would like more information about becoming a Neighbourhood Ambassador or setting up a local resident association, please email your Neighbourhood Management Officer or  We would be delighted to hear from you.

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