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I'm a leaseholder

If you’ve bought a council flat or maisonette, either directly through the right to buy scheme or from a previous owner, you’re a council leaseholder.

Over 160 people have bought their flat under the right to buy scheme across the Stroud district. We want to support and encourage our leaseholders to play an active part in their communities and provide them with an equal communal repairs and cleaning service to our tenants.

As landlord and leaseholder we both have particular responsibilities which you can read all about in your leaseholder handbook and service standard.

Leaseholders handbook

Contact details, your rights as a leaseholder and useful tips. 

How can I pay my service charge?

You will need your reference number which can be found on your service charge invoice.

How do I report a repair to a shared area of my block?

If you think we need to repair the main structure of your block or a communal area please ring 01453 754852 in office hours or out of hours in an emergency 01453 222104 or report it online.

Buildings Insurance

Stroud District Council renew the buildings insurance of your whole block annually and you pay the share for your flat as part of your service charge. The whole policy is a large document and you can view it by appointment at these offices. A summary of the policy can be found below.


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