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Radon gas

As part of our commitment to providing decent housing, Stroud District Council regularly test properties which may be susceptible to high concentrations of radon gas.

Radon gas

Radon is located in some areas of the country, due to the rock type and rock formation below ground. 

If your live in an area susceptible to radon

Using existing radon data, properties that are likely to have high radon concentration will be routinely tested.

If the results are above a certain level, we will take measures to reduce the radon concentration. Typically this will be a radon extractor fan and sump (the sump will be under the property and the fan will usually be fitted externally on a wall), which work by collecting radon gas in the sump and pumping it out away from the property.

Alternatively a positive input ventilation fan may be fitted (typically located in the loftspace of houses, or in a small unit in flats), which work by bringing in fresh air to the property, promoting existing air in the property (containing radon gas) to be expelled.

In some cases we may also fit radon barriers or other measures, however this is rare, depending on the type of property, radon concentration returned and other factors.

In some instances it may be necessary to fit a combination of measures to reduce the radon concentration within a property below the target level.

Once the measure is installed we re-test the property to confirm that the measure has reduced the concentration to an acceptable level. 

It is important that the equipment remains operational in the property  to alleviate the risks associated with radon gas.

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