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Tenant publications

Tenant handbook, leaflets, annual reports, policies, service standards and performance.

Tenant handbook 

Our responsibilities as a landlord and your responsibilities as a tenant.

The Tenant Handbook is currently being revised. If you have a query about the handbook, please email:

Tenancy conditions

Tenant survey reports





Sheltered modernisation news

A quarterly newsletter for sheltered housing residents with updates on our modernisation programme.


Our policies and procedures act as a framework for delivering services to tenants. We work closely with tenants and councillors to regularly review them and ensure we provide a fair and effective service.


  • Procedures for your new service are coming soon

Annual reports

Every year we produce an annual report for our tenants. The report gives you information on our performance, how we spent our income, and improvements we have made over the last financial year.

Tenant scrutiny and inspection

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