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Heating and hot water problems

No heating or hot water during a cold spell?

During periods of very cold weather your heating and hot water may fail.

Before you call us, you may be able to fix this quickly and easily:

1. Locate your condensate pipe. This is a white plastic pipe that runs along an outside wall, the other side of where your boiler is sited.

2. Pour a kettle full of very hot water over the condensate pipe. This should unfreeze the frozen water that is causing the problem.

3. Re-set your boiler.

If you are unable to carry out the above then please call us.

If you try this and still have no heating or hot water, please call us.

Note that during spells of very cold weather we often receive a very high number of calls. In these cases, we will prioritise tenants who are elderly, vulnerable or disabled.

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