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Check your repairs rights and responsibilities

Details of what we and you are responsible for.

Repair area




Baths x   Except unblocking wastes (potential recharge)
Carpentry x    
Chains and plugs   x On basins, baths and sinks
Chimneys x    
Communal areas x    
Condensation and damp   x Advice on how to manage condensation 
Decoration (external) x    
Decoration (internal)   x Except when damage is caused by a structural defect
Domestic appliances   x Such as cookers, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers
Doors x   Internal and external including frames, hinges, locks, door jambs  
and thresholds, letterboxes and handles
External timbers elements x    
Floor covering   x Including adapting doors to accommodate carpets
Front door lock   x Except communal locks
Fences and gates   x Except if it backs onto public footpath or highway
Fire grates and surrounds x    
Fixtures and fittings   x Such as coat hooks, curtains, curtain rails
Floorboards x    
Garages x    
Gardening maintenance   x Including dustbins and refuse areas
Gas x    
Glazing   x Except following criminal damage and you must get a crime number
from the police
Hand basins x   Except unblocking wastes (potential recharge)
Heating x   Any type of heating
Hot water heaters x   Including cylinder jackets
Immersion heaters x    
Infestations   x e.g. By ants, wasps, bees, cockroaches, mice, rats or bedbugs
Internal door locks   x  
Kitchens x   Except domestic appliances
Lights x   Except dimmer switched and florescent light bulbs
Loss of keys   x Including repairs to forced entry if you get locked out
Mould   x Advice on treating mould
Out buildings x   Brick or concrete
Paths x   Including steps, footpaths and ramps
Plastering x    
Plumbing repairs and leaks x    Except for washing machines and dishwashers
Porches  x    
Re-lighting pilot lights    x  Including the resetting of any heating controls or programmers
Re-washer taps x    
Roofs x    
Sink units x   Except unblocking wastes (potential recharge)
Skirting boards x    
Stairs x    
Switches and sockets x   Except dimmer switches
Telephone points   x  
TV aerials and sockets   x Unless communal
Washing lines   x Unless communal area
WC seats   x  
Windows x   Including window sills, catches, sash cords and frames
Worktops x    
Drains x   Unless it is a shared drain in which case you must contact Severn Trent on 0800 783 4444
Wooden Sheds   x  


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