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Repairs & heating repairs

Why wait for the phone to be answered? Reporting a repair online is quick and easy.

We know how important it is to you that we help you to maintain your home and fix your repairs as quickly as possible.

How to report a repair

The quickest way to report a repair is online.

Report a repair online

Telephone: 01453 754 852


Text: You must start your message with the word 'REPAIRS' otherwise it will not be received - Text: REPAIRS 078 51 729 229

Emergency repairs

An emergency repair is something that we need to get to within 24 hours to prevent injury to anybody or serious damage to your home.  We’ll always respond to emergencies as quickly as possible and offer you the earliest available appointment.

If you’re reporting an emergency then you’ll need to call us: 01453 754 852 or when out-of-hours only: 01453 222 104.

Reporting a repair on a Wednesday

Our repairs officers are in training every Wednesday. If possible please only report EMERGENCY repairs on a Wednesday, or report your repair online.

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