Gas safety

We have a legal responsibility to carry out regular gas safety checks. It is essential to allow us access to your home so that we can make sure that is safe.

Gas servicing

To comply with gas servicing regulations we aim to have a valid Landlords Gas Safety Record (LGSR) for 100% of our properties at any time in the year.

Stroud District Council's Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out a safety check every year. 

As a tenant it is your responsibility(see your tenancy agreement) to allow our engineer access to your home, to keep appointments that are made for servicing, or contact us to rearrange an appointment that you cannot keep.

If you need to rearrange a gas servicing appointment please call us on 01453 754852, option 2

If you don’t give us access, we might need to cap your gas supply and you’ll be charged.

Did you know? You're twice as likely to die in a fire if you don't have a working smoke alarm?

Mains-powered smoke alarms with a backup battery are fitted in all our properties.  We will service these alarms once a year when we visit your property to check other things (such as a gas service), however it is your responsibility to check these at all other times

We (and the fire service) recommend you:

  • Test them every week by pushing the test button on the alarm
  • Keep it clean using a vacuum nozzle or brush to remove cobwebs and dust on and around the alarm
  • Don't paint over the alarm
  • If you can't reach it use a broom handle or something similar to gently push the test button. You should replace the battery when needed. Never remove the battery except to replace it.

If you don't have a smoke alarm, your alarm doesn't work or it's a sealed unit, report it as soon as you can by calling 01453 754 852 and we'll send someone out to fix it for you.

Smoke alarms in the communal areas of sheltered schemes are regularly tested by the site officer.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as the 'silent killer' as it is colourless and odourless.  It can come from faulty appliances powered by any fuel such as gas, solid fuel and oil fuels.

Carbon monoxide can be produced when an appliance has been incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained. It can also occur if flues, chimneys or vents are blocked.

CO alarms detect the presence of this poisonous gas.

We fit a CO alarm in our tenants' homes with an open flue or chimney. If you are concerned and don’t have a CO alarm please contact the repairs team

More information about carbon monoxide and CO alarms.

If your alarm is not working contact us on 01453 754 852 and we'll arrange a repair for you.

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