Gas heating

In partnership with our contractors, we maintain all gas appliances and pipework owned by the Council.

We are responsible for ensuring that you are safe in your home, and that our gas appliances are regularly serviced and maintained.  The meter and the supply of gas to your home is your responsibility. If you wish to install a gas appliance, such as a wall-mounted heater, you must get written permission from us.

It is important that airbricks and other ventilation are not blocked or obstructed.

Should one of our fixed gas appliances break down, please call 01453 754 852 (option 2) to let us know.

For an out-of-hours emergency - Call 01453 222 104 

Gas leaks

Contact Wales & West immediately on 0800 111 999

You should also:

  • open doors and windows
  • switch off the gas supply at the mains
  • check if the pilot light has gone out. If any gas appliances have been left on, turn them off. If the pilot light is still on and gas appliances are off, there may be a gas escape.
  • do not switch lights on or off, use doorbells, mobile phones or any other electrical appliances
  • do not smoke, light a match or any other kind of naked flame

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