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Repairs we are responsible for

As part of your Tenancy Agreement, there are certain repairs that we will carry out to your home.  These include:

  • the structure and exterior of the property (including any stone walls, but not fencing, surrounding the property)
  • the roof, chimney stack and chimney pots
  • walls, ceilings, floors and foundations
  • gutters, soffits and fascias, pipes and drains
  • door and window frame furniture
  • removing and replacing fluorescent lighting - in the longer term these will be replaced with LED lighting
  • paths and steps giving access to the property
  • sanitary installations such as baths, washbasins, sinks, WCs and soil pipes
  • service installations such as water pipes and taps (including stop taps), gas piping from the meter, electric supply from the consumer unit including sockets and switches
  • water heaters, fireplaces, fitted fires and central heating
  • boundary fences, gates and walls connected to public land

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