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Repairs we are not responsible for

As a tenant, you are responsible for minor repairs, maintenance and replacements.  These include:

  • damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your home
  • lock changes
  • decorating the inside of your home and keeping it in a good state of decoration
  • woodwork and plaster
  • providing and maintaining TV aerials (except shared services)
  • your own electrical appliances
  • garden fences and gates (except those connected to public land)
  • garden sheds and greenhouses
  • repairing and replacing small items such as keys, washing lines, WC seats and shower curtains (except those in shared areas such as sheltered housing schemes)
  • electric showers (except those installed by the council or those not designated as tenant’s responsibility when they took on the tenancy)

We may use our discretion in circumstances where a tenant has a vulnerability.

If your décor is damaged through no fault of your own (because of fire, flood, storm or through work carried out by us), we will give you a decoration voucher to help with the cost of redecorating.

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