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Code of Conduct

Our operatives and contractors must, whenever working within tenants’ homes:

  • Park considerately
  • Wear and display photo identification
  • Be polite and courteous and behave in a professional manner
  • Leave the working area clean and tidy removing rubbish generated daily
  • Use personal information and data in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) guidelines
  • Take care with any possessions and protect both inside furnishing and gardens from damage
  • Minimise noise and disruption as far as possible
  • Adhere to all current health safety and environmental legislation
  • Treat residents of all races, ages, religions, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities equally and fairly
  • Keep the clients home secure
  • Explain what has been done and make notes on any follow up works as required before leaving
  • Avoid accidental communication (finger pointing, crossing arms, sudden or quick movements, rolling eyes etc.)
  • Explain any health and safety issues arising from the works

They should not:

  • Smoke or vape in or around the home
  • Drink alcohol or use any illegal substances
  • Use the customer’s toilet without permission
  • Interrupt supplies without checking with the customer
  • Let strangers into the property
  • Play music from any device
  • Use jargon, slang or terms of endearment
  • Move items without your permission
  • Block access routes without agreement
  • Take photos of work without permission
  • Leave doors or windows open unless specifically agreed beforehand.
  • Accept gifts or other inducements

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