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Where we know about any asbestos in your home we will ensure that any asbestos-containing material is maintained in a safe condition. 

Never try to remove any asbestos-containing material yourself.  If it’s been left in your home it will be in good condition.  It will be covered or out of reach, so removal won't be necessary

We've carried out a programme of surveys to identify where we have asbestos in our properties.  All the findings from these surveys are recorded on our Asbestos Register.  If you'd like to ask about your home this information can be made available by contacting our Asset Information and Support team on 01453 754536

We've also got a leaflet, ‘The facts about asbestos’ which addresses some common concerns and questions you may have about this material.  A copy of this can be found in our ‘How to guides, videos and useful downloads’ section.

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