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Electrical night storage heating

Storage heaters work by storing heat generated by cheap night-time electricity and releasing this heat during the day.

They use electricity at night, when it’s cheap, and give out their heat during the day.  They work best if you have Economy 7; a night-time electricity tariff (typically around 30% cheaper than day time electricity).

Traditional storage heaters have input and an output controls.  The input control regulates the amount of heat your storage heater stores during the night.  If it’s not particularly cold, or you’ll be out of the house for most of the day, you don’t need to set the input to maximum because you won't need so much heat. 

As the winter gets colder, you’ll need to turn your input button up higher at bed time and set your output button as low as possible.  The following day the output can be turned up as the day goes on. It’s important that at the end of every day you turn it back down to one for the start of a new day.  

A user guide is available to download in our ‘How to guides, videos and useful downloads’ section.


Top tips

If you have a storage heater in a room that you’re not using - turn both dials down to one. This will help prevent mould and condensation.

Check the electrical switches to your heater are switched on and any fuses haven’t blown before contacting us.

For your safety, DON’T:

  • dry clothes directly on the heater
  • put anything flammable close to or touching storage heaters

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