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The Benefits department are dealing with an increased volume of enquiries and claims and this is causing unavoidable delays.  Please do not visit the Council. Request/send in information by email at - put "Claim Ref" and your claim number in the subject line, e.g Claim Ref 12345 - or send by post.

Visit the Housing Benefit page to see if you claim help with your rent from us or Universal Credit.  Visit the Council Tax Support page to see how to claim help with your Council Tax. Visit the Universal Credit page for advice about UC and how to claim.

If you have to visit us because you can't email us you can leave any documents in a sealed envelope with your name and address in the post box outside to the right of the entrance.

Please see below for a summary of additional measures the Government has put into place to help low income households during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Extra Council Tax Support for working age households

Working age Council Tax payers who get Council Tax Support will be entitled to a further reduction in their Council Tax for 2020/21.  We’ll credit your account with an extra £150, or if your balance is less than that, then until your Council Tax bill is zero.

We’ll process this automatically so you don’t need to contact us.  If we assess your claim you will get a new bill, and if you are on Universal Credit you may get a new bill every month if your payments change.  To get your new bill by email go to our “receive your bill by email” webpage or email and put your council Tax account number in the subject line so that you get your amended Council Tax demand notice quickly.

Local Housing Allowance

If we still pay you Housing Benefit, we will be able to pay you a little more.  Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates were increased from April to cover up to 30% of the market rent in your area. The new rates are available on our Housing Benefit page.

All our benefit claims have been adjusted and we notified you by email or letter.  

Increase in the Additional Earnings Disregard

We recalculated entitlement for households where you or your partner work 16 hours or more per week, and you would be or are entitled to Working Tax Credit. This is because the basic rate of Working Tax Credit increased and this ensures you don't lose out on this in your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.



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