Healthy Lifestyles #Stayinworkout Classes (Covid-19 Offer)


The aim of the Healthy Lifestyles Scheme is to support people to be more active in a safe way to benefit both their physical and mental health. With the current pandemic we have been looking at ways to support you during this time and enable people to exercise safely at home.

Our Healthy Lifestyles Instructors will be offering a timetable of classes taught via Zoom for £2.00 per class that you can participate in from the comfort of your living room.

We will be offering the following classes :- ​

 Class Name  Day of class  Instructor (s) Information about Classes How to book
 Better Balance Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   Martha Information
Cardiac Rehab Phase IV  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Whitney & Nicky  Information
 Respiratory Rehab  Wednesday Sherrie  Information
Tai Chi for Balance & Wellbeing Tuesday Sherrie Information
Choose2Move Tuesday Sherrie Information


If you do not currently attend one of these classes and would be interested in finding out more and one of our healthy lifestyles instructors will be in touch with you.


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