Dementia friendly communities

Stroud District is working towards being dementia friendly, starting with our main town centres. Find out if your local town is part of the campaign or get help in starting your own dementia friendly action group.

Becoming a dementia friendly community

Becoming dementia friendly means different things in different places. The important thing is to start by asking people living with dementia and carers how they feel about where they live. Ask what they find challenging, what they enjoy locally and what would make life better.

Common suggestions for becoming a more dementia friendly community:

  • Social groups, choirs and memory cafes
  • Improving pavements and disabled access
  • Befriending
  • Gentle nature walks
  • Carers peer support groups
  • Dementia awareness training for local residents, cafes, shops and public services like PCSOs and the Fire Service.
  • Volunteer transport
  • Dementia Friendly GP surgeries and pharmacies.
  • Dementia awareness projects for local school children

What we can do to support your local dementia friendly community campaign

Emma Keating Clark is the Health & Wellbeing Development Coordinator for Stroud District and can support you in setting up a dementia friendly campaign. Emma works closely with colleagues from the County Dementia Education and Training Service as well as local charity Fair Shares who organise a number of dementia projects in the District. We are here to offer advice on how to recruit volunteers, get feedback from residents and arrange training.

Join in!

Dementia friendly work is already going in Stonehouse, Stroud Town, Nailsworth, Wotton and Berkeley. If you’d like to get involved or you’d like to start a campaign for your area complete this form.

Please continue to report issues to us, however it may take us longer than usual to respond to your request.

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