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Careline plays a key role in helping older and/or vulnerable people to live independently and safely in their own homes. For many people the telephone is their only means of talking with friends and neighbours. But in a crisis the Stroud District Council Careline could provide help when you need it most, day or night. The service benefits older person's, those with a disability and people feeling vulnerable who need reassurance.

What is a Careline?

Careline is a way of getting help through your telephone system quickly and efficiently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A small personal radio transmitter is worn as a pendant around the neck, on a wrist-strap or clipped to clothing. This is linked to a special unit - the Careline - which plugs in to a modern telephone point with an adjacent 13amp electrical socket.

How does it work?

By pressing the pendant a signal is sent to the Careline, which will then dial automatically to our Control Room. Your pre-programmed personal details will come up on a computer screen and a fully-trained operator will be able to talk to you through a very powerful speaker and listen to you through a very sensitive microphone.

How will they help me?

The Control Room will quickly establish what assistance you require i.e. an Ambulance, Doctor, or perhaps one of your nominated contacts (neighbour, friend or a family member who ideally holds a key to your property). The Control Room Staff will stay on the line to reassure you until help arrives.

How are they available?

A Careline can be bought or rented. If you would like more details, we would be pleased to call on you in your home. We can answer any questions and show you how to use the Careline, entirely without obligation. To make an appointment please email: - include your name and telephone number in the email. 


Careline Unit £160.00* + VAT (keep your existing telephone)

Plus £1.68* per week for monitoring and maintenance charges + VAT


Careline Unit is £3.49* per week + VAT, inclusive of monitoring and maintenance charges(keeping your existing telephone).


Charges are invoiced six-monthly in arrears or rental charges are invoiced quarterly in arrears. Charges cover monitoring and maintenance and can also be paid by monthly Direct Debit.

Is charged at 20% unless the customer is eligible for exemption on health grounds.

N.B. For a Careline to operate it requires a modern plug-in telephone point and a 13 amp electrical socket, these need to be adjacent to each other. Customers may also be exempt from VAT on medical grounds.

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