Community right to build orders


The recent change in government advice means that council officers will soon be recommencing site visits for planning and building control services, which were postponed during lockdown.
The health, safety and wellbeing of the Stroud District's residents and the wider community is of paramount importance to the council and, therefore, before site visits begin again, the council needs to carry out robust risk assessments for this reintroduced activity to ensure the safety of its residents and staff alike.

We will update you shortly of our progress and the restart date of site visits.

Keep safe

What is a Community Right to Build Order?

Community Right to Build Orders are a special type of neighbourhood development order. This is because this power is available to other local community organisations other than Parish/Town councils and neighbourhood forums.

It allows communities to gain planning permission for a specific proposal on a site, without going through the traditional planning application process.

Community Right to Build Orders follow a similar process to a neighbourhood plan and could include projects such as:

  • Family homes to sell on the open market
  • Affordable housing for rent
  • Sheltered housing for local residents
  • Community facilities such as a community centre or children’s playground.

Who can produce a Community Right to Build Order?

To be eligible to develop a Community Right to Build Order in a particular neighbourhood area at least one half of a community organisation's members must live in that neighbourhood area. The organisation must also exist to further the economic, environmental and social well-being of the area in question, and any profits made as a result of Community Right to Build Orders must be used for the good of that community, not for private gain. 

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