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Community right to build orders

What is a Community Right to Build Order?

Community Right to Build Orders are a special type of neighbourhood development order. This is because this power is available to other local community organisations other than Parish/Town councils and neighbourhood forums.

It allows communities to gain planning permission for a specific proposal on a site, without going through the traditional planning application process.

Community Right to Build Orders follow a similar process to a neighbourhood plan and could include projects such as:

  • Family homes to sell on the open market
  • Affordable housing for rent
  • Sheltered housing for local residents
  • Community facilities such as a community centre or children’s playground.

Who can produce a Community Right to Build Order?

To be eligible to develop a Community Right to Build Order in a particular neighbourhood area at least one half of a community organisation's members must live in that neighbourhood area. The organisation must also exist to further the economic, environmental and social well-being of the area in question, and any profits made as a result of Community Right to Build Orders must be used for the good of that community, not for private gain. 

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