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Kingswood Regulations 17 & 18

Independent Examination

Stroud District Council appointed Mr Timothy Jones, Barrister, FCIArb as independent examiner of the Kingswood Neighbourhood Plan. On reviewing the content of the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan and representations received as part of the publication process, Mr Jones decided to hold a public hearing.

The public hearing for the Kingswood Neighbourhood Development Plan examination was held on Thursday 8th September at the Kingswood Village Hall, Wickwar Road, Kingswood, GL12 8RF.

The hearing was open to members of the public to attend, however only invited representatives were permitted to take part in the discussions.


Post hearing information and representations

As per the Examiner's instructions, on 12th September 2016 the Council circulated the following information to the parties participating in the public hearing: 

 Representations received in response to the information above:

Following a query from Kingswood Parish Council (see here), on 20th September 2016 the Council circulated appeal decision APP/C1625/W/15/3139586 - Land at Street Farm, Church Road, Cam, Gloucestershire GL11 5PG – and invited comments

Representations received in response to the information and comments above:

Representations received in response to the comments above:

On 18th October 2016 the Examiner asked the Council to draw the attention of the parties to the judgment of Patterson J in R (Stonegate Homes) v Horsham DC, 13th October 2016. This can be viewed at:

The examiner issued further directions, intended to make clear the limited nature of the opportunity to comment.

Representations received in response to the information above:

Representations received in response to the comments above:


The examination concluded on 26th January 2017.

The examiner recommended that the plan, once modified, should proceed to a Referendum.

 Examiner's Report

On 16th February 2017, Stroud District Council’s Environment Committee decided that the Kingswood Neighbourhood Plan, once modified in accordance with the Examiner’s Report recommendations, should proceed to a referendum.

Stroud District Council's Regulation 18(2) Decision Statement


Background information:

The plan and accompanying information are available under the section entitled - Regulation 15

A summary of the representations submitted to the independent examiner is available under the section entitled - Regulation 16



A referendum to decide on the adoption of the Kingswood Neighbourhood Plan was held on 4th May 2017.

The final referendum version of the Kingswood Neighbourhood Development Plan can be accessed using the following link.

Kingswood Neighbourhood Development Plan Final Referendum Version

The question which was asked in the Referendum was: "Do you want Stroud District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Kingswood to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

The result was as follows:

  •  Yes = 552 votes (93.4%)
  •  No = 35 votes (5.9%)
  •  Turnout = 52% per cent

The Declaration of the Result is available via this link




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