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Hardwicke Regulation 17 and 18

Independent Examination

Stroud District Council appointed Andrew Ashcroft MRTPI as independent examiner of the plan. On reviewing the content of the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan and representations received as part of the publication process, Mr Ashcroft decided the examination did not require a public hearing. 

The examination concluded on 9th  June 2017.

The examiner recommended that the plan, once modified, should proceed to a Referendum.

Following a request from the examiner, Hardwicke Parish Council submitted an updated Consultation Statement in order to meet the basic conditions, and specifically to include reference to their Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation process.

The Examiner made clear that he was satisfied that no person or organisation had been disadvantaged by the omission of the Regulation 14 process within the original Consultation Statement, however it was requested that relevant parties be given an opportunity to make comment in the interests of openness and transparency.

Further comments on the updated Consultation Statement were invited for a period of 2 weeks from 9th June to 23rd June 2017. No comments were received.


On 29th June 2017, Stroud District Council’s Environment Committee decided that the Hardwicke Neighbourhood Plan, once modified in accordance with the Examiner’s Report recommendations, should proceed to a referendum.



A Referendum relating to the adoption of the Hardwicke Neighbourhood Development Plan was held on Thursday 10 August 2017.

The final referendum version of the Hardwicke Neighbourhood Development Plan can be accessed using the following link.

Hardwicke Neighbourhood Development Plan Final Referendum Version

The question which was asked in the Referendum was: "Do you want Stroud District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Hardwicke to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

The result was as follows:

  •  Yes = 407 votes (87.2%)
  •  No = 60 votes (12.8%)
  •  Turnout = 12% per cent

The Declaration of the Result is available via this link

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