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The Stroud Industrial Heritage Design Guide (SPA)

The IHCA Design Guide was adopted as Supplementary Planning Advice (SPA) in November 2008, along with three other volumes that make up the complete IHCA Conservation Area Statement.

The Stroud Industrial Heritage Conservation Area Design Guide 2008

The Design Guide acts as a practical supplement to the policy and design guidance contained in the IHCA Management Proposals SPD and adds detail to the interpretation and application of Local Plan policies, particularly Policy ES10. 

It is based on the character analysis that is contained in Volumes 1 and 2 of the conservation area statement and focuses on ways to conserve or enhance local distinctiveness and special character through the design of new development - from small home extensions to major development schemes.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to the IHCA Design Guide

Chapter 2: Design Objectives and the Design Process

Chapter 3: Building in Context

Chapter 4: The IHCA's design priorities in practice

Chapter 5: Layout

Chapter 6: Scale

Chapter 7: Appearance (pages 80-88)

Chapter 7: Appearance (pages 89-107)

Chapter 8: Public Realm

Chapter 9: Sustainability

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