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The introduction of CIL changes the way in which developers contribute to the provision of infrastructure. The money raised will help to pay for infrastructure needed in the Stroud district as a result of growth.

Developer guide

Please view and download the new developer guide created for those wishing to gain a more in depth understanding of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and the process involved.  Pages include developments liable for CIL, calculating the CIL charge and the payment policy.

Developer guide - April 2017

Information sheets

SDC have created some information sheets on topics which are regularly queried during the CIL process.


  • If your application is CIL liable, please ensure Form 1 is submitted as soon as possible after permission is granted, although ideally before to avoid chasing and/or a delay in calculation.  You will be given 14 days to complete Form 1 if it is outstanding after permission is granted before liability is defaulted to the land owner.
  • Even if an exemption or relief is applied to a CIL liable application, the rest of the process still needs to be carried out up until commencement or completion for self-build developments.
  • Applications where a building has been in lawful use for the qualifying period will be required to submit sufficient evidence to support this.  The Council will request further information if they are not satisfied with the evidence provided.
  • Applications subject to an appeal may be CIL liable if approved by the Inspector after 1st April 2017, it is advised CIL forms are completed as soon as possible if they were not done previously when the planning application was made.

Frequently asked questions

SDC have compiled a list of FAQs which can be viewed here.

Further information regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy can also be found on the Planning Portal website and Government website.


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