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In light of the current climate and disrupted working arrangements, can we please ask that communications are made via email in the first instance if at all possible. We will endeavour to respond at our earliest convenience and provide normal service as we can.

If the progress of your CIL Liable development has been directly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and you are having difficulty meeting your CIL payment arrangements, please contact us by email at the earliest opportunity to discuss any options that may be available to help.

The CIL Team

SDC will use CIL monies collected to pay for infrastructure included on the approved Regulation 123 List. The list sets out infrastructure projects or types of infrastructure that the Council intends will be, or may be, wholly or partly funded by CIL funds.
A percentage of the collected CIL funds are allocated to the Parish/Town Council.

Previously, SDC has secured developer contributions through S106 agreements.  Although S106 agreements will still be sought on certain applications, in many cases CIL will replace these.  

S106 contributions will still be sought for major allocated schemes, affordable housing, public open space and where there are site specific measures required to make a development acceptable.  Offsite infrastructure will now be paid for using CIL.

The Council cannot collect S106 funding for items stated on the CIL Regulation 123 List as stipulated by the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations (as amended). This ensures that there is no duplication between the two types of developer contributions. The Regulation 123 list can be viewed here:

Stroud District Council Regulation 123 List

The money collected by CIL is apportioned into three areas:

  • Strategic spending
  • Parish/Town Council spending
  • Administrative costs (5%)

The allocation to Parish/Town Councils is set out in the table below:

Parish/Town Council  Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)   CIL allocation


 25% uncapped (NDP area)

 X  15% capped at £100/dwelling



CIL expenditure will be reported at the end of December every year, with the first report being in December 2018 reporting for the 2017/2018 financial year. The report will be made available to the public via the SDC website. Parish and Town Councils are also required to produce a report for their own website.  The SDC report will collate all of the information on strategic and neighbourhood spending. 

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