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6. When is the redevelopment scheduled to begin and what is the overall timetable?

Works will not commence on site for the main redevelopment proposals until the Council’s developer partner has been selected and the planning application for the residential led scheme has been submitted and determined. These works are forecast to start in the summer of 2023 and to continue for a couple of years. A more detailed development programme will be provided once a developer partner has been selected.

However, the Council plans to demolish some or all of the buildings prior to this date and may commence the enabling infrastructure works for Phase 1 itself following the receipt of planning approval for the demolition and infrastructure and Listed Building Consent on the 24 March this year. The demolition works would run concurrently with the procurement process for the selection of a development partner. This sequential approach to the development means that the infrastructure works can be programmed around ecology seasons, i.e. avoiding the main bat activity season for demolition of key buildings and the timing of when works can be done in the river. This will enable the Council to offer the developer a cleared site once selected and will minimise the periods of time when nothing is happening on site.


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