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1. What is the vision for the redevelopment of Brimscombe Port?

The vision for Brimscombe Port is to deliver a sustainable new residential-led mixed use development with a reinstated canal and canal basin at its heart, that meets the needs of both existing and future residents. By responding to the site’s unique characteristics with innovative and inspiring design; the Council aspires to create an exemplar scheme that integrates with the existing surroundings and improves and expands upon the site’s constraints and opportunities to enhance resident’s daily life.

      The six objectives for the site are to:

  1. Create a distinctive and memorable place, appropriate to its context and history with a strong character and identity;
  2. Build sustainable, energy efficient buildings and low impact development that minimises harm to the environment;
  3. Create a vibrant and inclusive community that provides for a range of ages, affordability and demographics;
  4. Create and integrate landscape comprehensively, enhancing biodiversity and creating new habitats that bring nature into the site;
  5. Encourage wellness and healthy lifestyles through the new open spaces and enhance existing cycling and walking routes within and connecting the site to neighbouring destinations.
  6. Create a financially sustainable canal to ensure the ongoing quality of the waterside setting.

The impact of this site cannot be underestimated in terms of its importance to the whole redevelopment of the valley, and the economic and strategic benefits to the area, acting as a catalyst for other development along the canal.  It creates a destination for canal tourism, not only for the local canal network but also for the whole canal system, a nationally important landmark destination.

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