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9. Stroud Slad Farm, The Reddings, Hazel Mill, Wades Farm, Slad Valley (I)

Owned by Private landowners

Funding: Fully funded by GCC, EA & SDC

Interventions and Measures: Work has included coppicing of stream side trees to create open areas and we have used tree trunks to construct 9 LWD structures on the Slad Brook. The streamside has been fenced off and two solar powered drinking troughs have been installed to provide water for cattle. We have also commissioned a design study with a local hydrologist (Katherine Colby) to design a flow splitting structure to restore flows to a paleo-channel that runs through Hazel Mill & Stroud Slad Farm. This will improve fish passage and allow further attenuation in the larger flood plain in this location.

Working practice: Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust were previously in discussion with the owner of Stroud Slad Farm to implement  some works on the farmland and the owner suggested that GWT might want to undertake construction of the LWD. The owner undertook installation of the fencing themselves.


Slad farm


Stroud Slad Farm





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