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8. Rough Banks. Cotswold escarpment agricultural fields (H)

Owned by Butterfly Conservation

Funding: Fully funded by GCC, EA and SDC.

Interventions and measures: Work has taken place in two fields on top of the Cotswold escarpment outside the hamlet called The Camp. During previous survey work, large erosion gulleys were identified downstream of the fields. Gulleys are of significant size, indicating they take large flows on occasions. The gully’s flow towards the Slad Brook and may be one of the reasons why the catchment is a rapid response catchment. The fields are dominated by clay, as evidenced by flushes and springs arising on the fields. We have constructed three long low bunds to attenuate high flows and direct the flow away from the bridleway and through rough ground before entering the eroded gulley. We also repaired a pond bank to allow attenuation.

Working practice: The contracting arm of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust was contracted to undertake this work on request of Butterfly Conservation. Derogation consent from Natural England was required as the land is under HLS agreement.


rough banks


rough banks



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