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7. Overtown Farm (1)

Agricultural land on Ebworth estate (Fields above Brook Farm)

Owned by the National Trust and with farming rights leased to Martin Whitaker

Funding: Fully funded by GCC, EA, SDC and NT

Interventions and measures: We have been working in two fields on the Cotswold escarpment. One field is very steep and has a significant dry flow gulley down one side that takes water in extreme rainfall events. The tenant identified eroded areas during previous high rainfall events, and we have constructed 7 very low berms and pools which will slow the flow of water through the gully. This will prevent erosion and attenuate flood waters. In a second field, we saw evidence of significant flow pathways that had previously carried large amounts of stone and wood from steep sided woodlands. We have constructed two long, low bunds to attenuate water allowing more time for this to soakaway into the ground.

Working practice: Agricultural Contractors were appointed to undertake the work. Derogation consent from Natural England was required as the land is under HLS agreement.




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