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6. Overtown Farm

Owned by the National Trust and with farming rights leased 

Funding: Fully funded by GCC, EA, SDC and NT

Interventions and measures: We have built 9 LWD structures within the stream channel downstream of Workmans Wood in a reach known as Flock Mill. All structures are constructed using timber (mostly Alder) coppiced from the streamside. The stream has also been fenced along this reach to prevent cattle poaching and soil erosion, which has historically been a problem in this area. A spring fed drinking trough has been installed to provide water for the cattle. The coppicing will allow light into a heavily shaded part of the stream, increasing the diversity of vegetation and allowing vegetation to colonise poached areas. This will provide additional stability to soils and reduce sedimentation. Finally, we have repaired two culverts in this reach, increasing attenuation occurring upstream of each.

Working practice: Contractors were appointed to undertake the work. A variety of specialists were appointed, including foresters, estate contractors, and fencing contractors.

Flock Mill, Sheepscombe







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