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2. Dillay Brook Snows Farm Reserve – Upper Slad Valley (B)

  • Owned by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.
    Fully funded by GCC, SDC and GWT
  • Interventions and measures: We have built 15 large woody debris structures along the full length of the Dillay brook as it flows through the reserve. Large woody debris has been sourced from coppicing and management of the streamside woodland. A significant amount of coppicing was required in order to fell appropriately sized trees to use in construction. This has also had the benefit of enhancing the biodiversity of the site, reducing the canopy to allow vegetation growth on the stream bank. Structures range from small habitat improvements to very large leaky log jams.

    In addition to this, spring-eroded gulleys throughout the site have been filled with timber and brash to allow the removal of sediment and soil and prevent erosion.

    As part of the project, new fencing has been erected where there was previously a cattle drinking bay. A spring fed water supply for live stock has been installed to prevent poaching and reduce soil pollution to brook. This will hopefully provide a demonstration to local farmers and landowners on how to exploit springs on their land instead of allowing access to water courses.  

    Working practice: The work on the reserve has been carried out by Gloucestershire wildlife trust staff and volunteers have been used for some tasks, including coppicing, fencing and stacking of brash in spring gulleys

Dillay Brook Snows Farm Reserve – Upper Slad Valley (B)

Large Woody Debris, Snows Farm Nature Reserve

Large Woody Debris, Snows Farm Nature Reserve


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