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11. Penn Woods - above Middle Yard, Kings Stanley

Penn Woods - above Middle Yard, Kings Stanley

Owned by: Woodland Trust

Funding: 100% funded by GCC, & EA with commitment by Woodland Trust to undertake similar work in other sections of the woods.


Interventions and measures: We felled 18 mature trees (including Beech & Ash) and used the timber to create continuous LWD structures in the base of 4 erosion gulleys leading from the escarpment to the fields downslope. Trees selected were mostly on the edge of the gulleys and felled to allow light onto the woodland floor to encourage ground flora to develop to further slow the flow and reduce erosion. Woodland Trust are keen to keep and encourage more dead wood on the woodland floor and LWD will become colonised by fungi and invertebrates in addition to slowing the flow.

Working practice: Work was undertaken by contractors retained by the Woodland Trust.

Penn Woods

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