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10. Cranham Woods, Painswick Brook (J)

  1. Cranham Woods, Painswick Brook

Owned by Private owners & part leased by NE

Funding: Fully funded by GCC, SDC and GWT and further work completed by landowner

Interventions and measures: We constructed 16 LWD structures upstream of properties in Cranham using a mixture of large Beech, Alder and Ash trees. 11 of the structures are located on the Painswick Brook within the Cotswold Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve. We used very large single stemmed tree trunks in some cases, as the owner desired a “Natural” appearance. The structures are designed to cause maximum scour and create deeper pockets of water in addition to providing attenuation. The deeper water will improve the wildlife habitat, which was a condition of working on this site. Upstream of the NNR, we constructed a further 5 LWD structures to maximise attenuation. In addition we added a large number of CWD deflectors to improve the stream habitat. Finally, upstream of the source of the Painswick Brook, we changed the course of a drainage channel that drains a large area of agricultural land. The diversion removes water from a well used public footpath, and importantly, lead to most flow being infiltrated into ground, removing silt and nutrient rich water from the flood flows in the Painswick Brook.

Working practice – We worked with the landowner preferred contractor, Jim Hannis, who is retained as the woodland manager by the Cranham Woods company. We also had assistance from the Cotwold AONB volunteer wardens, who provided a team for three days to help with the installation.

Cranham woods


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