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1. Workmans Wood, Sheepscombe (D)

  • Owned by the National Trust and part of the Cotswold Commons and Beechwoods Special Area of Conservation / National Nature Reserve.
    Funding: Fully funded by GCC, SDC and NT
  • Interventions and measures:
    We have built 16 structures within the stream channel. 11 Large Woody Debris leaky dams providing on-line short term attenuation and delayed flood peak. All structures are constructed using timber sourced from the woodland as part of the coppicing and thinning conducted as part of the NNR management. A further 5 structures have been created within the seasonal flow channel of the Sheepscombe Brook. These structures are designed to divert flood flows onto the woodland floor (to increase infiltration) and to create temporary attenuation areas. Work undertaken will enhance one of the SSSI features (A snail), which requires the maintenance of a damp environment.

    We have also installed 8 new track culverts to assist the NT in maintaining good access throughout the NNR. Culverts have been designed to allow vehicles to traverse the woods, which will allow commercial exploitation of the woodland and thinning and selective management. Where culverts have been installed, we have also constructed catchment chambers/silt traps on the inlet and deep soakaways on the outlets. Downstream of each culvert, we have used tree trunks and brashings to slow the flow. The new culverts will remove water from tracks and significantly reduce erosion, preventing silt and soil from travelling into the stream bed. We will be able to complete further similar culverts during March.
  • Working practice:
    Contractors R.J Clarke were appointed to undertake the work, and they in turn appointed several specialists in coppicing and felling. We were able to access most of the site with machinery.

1. Workmans Wood, Sheepscombe (D)

 Workmans wood


Channel deflector, Workmans Woods, Sheepscombe

 Channel deflector

Large beech trunk creating attenuation in Workmans Wood, Sheepscombe

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