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Key Achievements and completed project case studies

We have been working with partners and private land owners for the last 8 years and some of our key achievements to date include:

Over 750 interventions throughout the wider Frome Catchment;
25% of the catchment now draining through NFM features;
1m reduction in peak river levels (between the two most closely comparable recent heavy rainfall events) on the Slad Brook ;
Over 1000 people from local and national groups have come together to learn more about NFM;
25 local land managers and contractors worked together to implement NFM actions;
Strong partnership working and networking locally and regionally; Establishment of a monitoring network for NFM in Stroud Valleys;
Positive feedback and engagement from the community;

Below you will find downloadable details of six project case studies we have completed that give more information about some of our work sites, including what we built, how we carried out the work, views of the landowner and costs.

Download case studies for six of our projects


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