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Travel Smarter


An Introduction to the sustainable travel hierarchy

How can I reduce my use of the private car, whether electric, petrol or diesel?

1. Combine trips and plan ahead for the week, a bit like meal planning but for journeys

  • Liftshare is a free website where you can find drivers and passengers to share journeys with

2. Are there any trips you can replace with either public transport, walking or cycling?

  • Bikeability is the government’s national cycle training programme which can help to improve your confidence in cycling, whatever ability you are
  • Sustrans has helpful tips and mapping tools to make it easier for you to walk and cycle
  • Stroud District Council has established a walking and cycling task and finish group to recommend long term local changes

3. Would a community car club be suitable for you?

4. Are you driving efficiently?

  •  The RAC have some driving tips to save you cash

5. Would you go electric?

  • EV8 Switch helps consumers make the right decision about going electric, simplifying the process by analysing your journeys and driving needs, so you can decide whether owning an electric vehicle (EV) suits your lifestyle
  • Electrifying is the government funded website with reliable information about purchasing electric vehicles
  • Autotrader has some useful information about electric cars and accessibility for disabled drivers.
  • Zap Map and Co-Charger are examples of the many maps available to find charge points
  • Stroud District Council is working with Gloucestershire County Council and the Highways Authority to look at EV infrastructure, including on-street charging points

6. If a full electric vehicle isn’t for you yet, could you research a car with low emissions or a hybrid?

7. Are you a local business making deliveries? Could you use alternatives like The Bike Drop and further support the local economy?

8. Join forces with other local people that are taking actions to improve sustainability

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