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Community Engagement Board

2030: It's all about you!

The scope for the council to be a direct influence on climate and environmental issues is relatively small due to the size of its estate. The 2030 Strategy recognises that more focus is needed to improve and understand the levels of community inclusion in climate action and how we can support that so that significant cumulative progress can occur.

To do this, the council initiated a collaboration of community representatives called the 2030 Community Engagement Board (2030 CEB) which has about 20 members who are all district-based community representatives. As a collective there are intersecting interests and networks in: arts, education, families, people under 24, older people, people living with disabilities, people with technical skills in the built and natural environment, those with experience of community and business development and climate activists. We are a varied bunch who have delved into real life issues in our networks and explored the opportunities there are to build on the motivation and assets already found through our district. Here are our Terms of Reference.


Snapshot of where the group is up to now it's entering it's second year:


To contact this group, please use the email





"...we have learned to give and take with our views, which has made us a stronger group and more able to have measured conversations over climate action." 2030 Community Representative

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