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Update Thursday 11 November 2021

We are aware that concerns have been raised regarding the asbestos removal during the demolition works at our Brimscombe Port site. The below summarises information on the approach to asbestos removal. There will be no health hazards to the Public whilst this work is being undertaken.

Who is responsible for removing the asbestos?

The sole responsibility will lie with the Principal Contractor, Haywood Crushing Demolition Ltd (HCD Ltd). All licenced works (ASB 5) will be carried out by a competent licenced contractor, who will be employed by HCD Ltd and will be licenced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Notifiable Non-Licenced Works (ASB 1) will be undertaken in-house by HCD Ltd’s own trained personnel.

What is the method of asbestos removal?

As part of SDC’s selection process to procure the demolition contractor, the method of asbestos removal was thoroughly assessed and clarifications were made with all bidders to ensure the method of asbestos removal was in line with requirements.

Before any asbestos removal works can begin, Planning Condition 11 of Planning Approval Ref S.19/1502/FUL will need to be discharged. The method statement and asbestos surveys can be found under Planning Reference S.21/2577/DISCON. Environmental Health are a Consultee for discharge of asbestos related planning conditions, have specialist technical knowledge to be able to review submitted information, and will not sign off on works until they are satisfied that all regulations are adhered to.

For all licenced work, in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, a four stage clearance will be undertaken to ensure that all asbestos containing material has been removed.

ASB 5 is notified to the HSE 10 working days prior to when the removal begins. The licenced company must have a detailed plan of work prior to notification and the HSE can then request and check the plan of works within that 10 working day period. If the HSE have any comments no works can begin until these comments have been addressed. The ASB 5 also allows the HSE to know when the project will start and finish allowing them to visit site to monitor the proceedings, if for any reason the work is not being carried out correctly the licenced company can lose their licence.

Air Monitoring

This work does not legally require air monitoring, however SDC has requested this to ensure Public safety. Background reassurance and personal monitoring will be carried out at key points around the working area (to be determined by the monitoring company) with results monitored and recorded. If, at any point, there is fibre release increase close to the threshold level then works will cease and the method will be reviewed. Should monitoring identify any increase in fibre levels, which may increase operative or public exposure, work will be stopped, and the system of work reviewed prior to recommencement. Background and personal monitoring will be undertaken by an independent accredited Asbestos analysis company.  This will be undertaken daily to start with until all the available reassurance data is produced. However, HCD Ltd has stated that with historical data and previous experience undertaking this method of works, the probability of fibre release close to the action level is remote. Background and personal monitoring will continue throughout the works but at a lower frequency.

How long will the asbestos removal take?

Asbestos removal will be carried out at various stages as the works progress on each building during the demolition programme, which is due to complete in March 2022. As asbestos removal is highly regulated by the HSE, all asbestos will be removed under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and monitored by the HSE; these works are, therefore, not a health and safety risk to the Public.

How will we ensure compliance?

To ensure compliance our Employers Agent, Adams Fletcher, who are independent to SDC, will be conducting weekly site visits, and unannounced adhoc site visits. SDC will also be carrying out weekly site visits.

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