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Brimscombe Port

A post card from Brimscombe Port image
A post card from Brimscombe Port

Information about the development of Brimscombe Port.


Brimscombe Port is a former inland port dating back to the 1780`s. Following the decline of the canals as a mode of transport the port became redundant and was in - filled in the 1930`s and latterly developed as an industrial site in the 1960`s. Today the  port site still acts as an industrial site but has become unattractive and is showing signs of it age.

The Council is promoting the development of this brown field site development. The site is subject to risk of flooding and requires the provision of considerable infrastructure to deliver the objective of creating a canal waterside themed development. Previous attempts to generate interest from developers have been thwarted due to the high costs of making the site a financially viable. However following a successful bid, by the Council, to the Homes and Community Agency, there is now approximately £ 1.5 million pounds available to spend on infrastructure works which will help to kick start the project. The challenge is to identify where best to use these funds, and to make progress as quickly as possible.

The project is complicated and requires a great deal of planning and coordination of a wide range of activities. These activities range from understanding the Environment  within which the port sits to the engineering practicalities of constructing bridges , culverts and new roads. This includes understanding how bats and other wild life will be affected, what impact the development will have on water and flood management, and how the benefits of the canal can be maximised. In order to ensure that all issues are incorporated the Council is in the process of appointing Design Consultants to undertake the necessary detailed analysis and calculations to achieve a fit for purpose development project. In order to provide a viable site that will attract high quality developers it has been agreed with the Homes and Communities Agency, that a requirement of the funding will be to build new infrastructure (roads and bridges) which is to be a first phase priority for the Council.

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