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Missed collections

Missed collections

If we have missed your collection the information below should help.

Importantly, from now on, please remember to put your food waste, rubbish and recycling out BEFORE 6am on collection day or the night before as the collection vehicles will now come at a different time than you’re used to. This is one of the biggest reasons for missed collections so far.

If you’ve experienced some disruption, please accept our apologies and thanks for your patience. Here’s what to do...

If your food waste, rubbish or recycling hasn’t been collected...

If we’ve missed your collection please click on the 'report it online' button below and enter your details. Please ensure you leave the bin presented and it should be collected within 48 hours

Alternatively if there is enough space in your bins, you may just wish to wait until next week’s collection. As long as your bins are closed, and your food waste bin lid is locked in place, your rubbish and recycling should be safe from being attacked by birds, foxes and badgers.

 report it online 

Please note that we are no longer supplying black bags for your rubbish - You are now required to use your grey wheelie bin or beige bags.

Further information

For any other queries please email

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