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Proxy voting

Apply for a proxy vote if you can't get to your polling station on the day of an election.

Voting by proxy is where you nominate someone you trust to vote on your behalf. You may wish to do this if you are going to be away on polling day and voting by post is not a suitable option.

Your nominated proxy has to vote at your normal polling station so you must make sure that they are available on polling day.

If you will be on holiday or out of the country, we would strongly recommend that you nominate a proxy.

You must print out the application and complete by hand. Then scan or post this back to Please be aware that you are not able to sign this form electronically. 


You can no longer apply to vote by proxy for the County Council Elections as the deadline has now passed.


The deadline to vote by proxy in the UK Parliamentary General Election is Wednesday 31 May at 5pm.




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