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Why have I received a Court Summons about council tax?

The Court Summons has been sent because our records show that you have failed to pay your Council Tax as requested, despite a reminder and/or final notice being sent to you.



If you don’t pay the total balance of your Council tax after your instalments have been cancelled, or don't tell us why you're not liable to pay, a Summons will be sent to you, so that we can apply to the Magistrates for a Liability Order.  This action will also add costs of £60.00 to your unpaid Council Tax bill.

You can avoid court, if you pay the full amount shown on the Summons, including Summons costs, before the date of the hearing.

If you are unable to pay the full amount on the Summons, please contact us before the court hearing to arrange a payment plan covering what you owe.

At the hearing we’ll ask the magistrate to issue a liability order. A liability order gives the council more powers to help collect the money you owe.

You don’t have to go to the hearing - the purpose of the hearing is to decide whether or not you owe the amount demanded, and not to look at your personal finances.

You have the right to attend court, but if you do not dispute that you owe the amount stated, you do not need to attend.

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